How does the stock market work and how to trade with Hapi?

The stock market is like a big store where you can buy and sell shares of big, medium and small companies.

When a company wants to raise more money, they can sell small parts of their company, called stocks, to people. The price of a stock goes up or down depending on if more people want to buy or sell it.

There are two main stock markets in the US, one called the NYSE and the other called the NASDAQ. The NYSE is the biggest and oldest and has really big and famous companies. The NASDAQ is mostly for technology companies and is known for doing trades electronically.

Companies go public by listing on the stock market, so they can raise more money and be more famous, but it also comes with a lot of rules and people watching them, because when a company enters the stock market, all financial information about them becomes public.

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM NY time.
*Check the holiday calendar for possible exceptions here.

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