Cryptocurrency trading commissions

When you trade crypto using the Hapi app, your order is being sent to Bakkt Crypto for execution. Your cryptos are held at Bakkt Crypto.

Bakkt Crypto charges 1% markup to pay for their service. This markup is reflected in the price at which Apex Crypto executes your order to buy or sell. All costs associated with facilitating the transaction of crypto and its custody are covered by the markup. Hapi licenses his software to Apex Crypto for the trading of cryptocurrencies and receives some revenues in exchange.

Here you can find an example of how the pricing of cryptocurrencies work:

  • Let say crypto ABC has a market price of US$ 100.

  • And you want to buy one coin of ABC.

  • With Bakkt Crypto 1% markup, your order of one ABC crypto will be executed at a US$ 101 price.

Is a markup a commission?

A commission is the service fee charged by a brokerage firm to execute and handle your desired purchase or sale of a security. Hapi does not charge any commission on securities trades. Now cryptocurrencies are not securities and your trades of crypto are done through Bakkt Crypto who charges a mark up for each transaction.

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