Cryptocurrency net transfers notifications

When you enable cryptocurrency trading on Hapi, you are opening an account with Bakkt Crypto, who will also hold your crypto assets. Your Bakkt Crypto account will be linked to your Hapi brokerage account.

Everytime you purchase cryptocurrencies using Hapi app, the amount of your purchase is transferred out of your brokerage account to Bakkt Crypto. And every time you sell your cryptocurrencies using Hapi app, Bakkt Crypto will deposit the proceeds of your sale into your Hapi brokerage account. This movement of funds between your accounts happens automatically in our system and does not require any action from your end.

At the end of the day, everytime you buy or sell cryptocurrencies using Hapi, you will receive an email with the subject: “Net Transfer Notification”, explaining the behind the scenes movement of funds that happened in relation to your purchase or sale of cryptos and how those transactions were debited or deposit from or to your Hapi brokerage account.

For example, if you purchased $500 of ABC coin, the same $500 would be withdrawn from your Hapi brokerage account, which is held at Apex Clearing, and transferred to your Bakkt Crypto account in order to complete your requested transaction. When you sell the cryptocurrencies you purchased, for example the same $500 of ABC coin, those $500 would then be sent from your Bakkt Crypto account to your Hapi brokerage account held at Apex Clearing. All this is done automatically by the technology developed by Hapi, and you are not required to take any action, we will still notify you of the back movement 😊

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