What's an IPO?

An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is the process by which a privately-held company offers shares of stock to the public for the first time. A company goes public to raise capital for financing business plans, capital expenditures, and growth opportunities.

When a company goes public, they're opening the doors to new investors and new opportunities, but it's not always a walk in the park. While some companies are ready to start trading right away, others may take a little longer before they're available on the market. But don't worry, we'll do our best to get them up on the app as soon as possible.

Just like a new restaurant or a hot new album, sometimes you just have to wait for the good stuff. And speaking of good stuff, if there's a company you're dying to see on Hapi, don't be shy! Let our Member Support team know, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Remember, we're always here for you, so feel free to hit us up on the app's chat or shoot us an email at contacto@imhapi.app