What is trade settlement?

Trade settlement refers to the process of completing a securities transaction and exchanging the securities for cash.

This process typically involves transferring ownership of the securities from the seller to the buyer and settling the cash payment from the buyer to the seller.

What is the T+2 rule?

T+2 is the standard settlement cycle for securities trades in most countries, including the US. This means that the trade settles two business days after the transaction date. For example, if a trade is executed on Monday, the settlement date would be Wednesday, during this period you will see that cash as "pending cash" and after the two days settlement it will change into "available cash" for you t use or withdraw.

The settlement cycle is an important consideration for investors, as the cash and securities involved in the transaction will be tied up during this period.

What are unsettled funds?

Unsettled Funds are any funds in your account that are still being processed. These funds could be from a Deposit, a Sell Order, etc.

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