What is the clearing house fee and how much it costs

When you submit an order to buy or sell a share (or a fraction of a share) using Hapi, that order is sent to Apex Clearing for execution.

Apex Clearing charges a USD 0.10 fee for whole shares and USD 0.15 fee for fractional shares to pay for their service, which is reflected in the price at which your order to buy or sell is executed.

How it works:

- Say the current market price for a share of HAPIS is $100.
- You have to keep in mind the $0.10 fee the clearing firm charges per trade of a full stock
- For the purchase of $100 worth of HAPIS you should add the additional $0.10
- You will own 1 full stock of HAPIS with a total cost of $100.10.

Is a Clearing House Fee a type of commission?

Hapi doesn't assess commission for trades. Apex Clearing, as clearing firm, charges a fee for transactions.

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