HAPI referral program: wins awards for referring friends

Referring friends in Hapi is easy, follow these steps to invite your friends directly from the app:

  • 1.

    Enter the "Referral Program" section. You can enter from the main menu of the home or through the settings menu and clicking on "Referrals".

  • 2.

    Press the "share link" button.

  • 3.

    Select the channel where you want to send your link. You can also click "copy link" and share it directly with your friends.

  • 4.

    Once your referral signs up and makes their first deposit, both of you will receive a prize in crypto.


When you invite a friend, and they make their first deposit with a minimum amount of USD 10, both you and your friend will receive a prize of up to US$ 500 in crypto (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Shiba).

Remember that this prize is subject to certain terms and conditions of the referral program. Seize this opportunity to win and share with your friends!

Do you have doubts about how to share your referral link? Write to contacto@imhapi.app