Can I buy fractional cryptocurrencies?

Investing in crypto is fractional by design. This means you can start investing in crypto from $1, just as you would Stocks in Hapi app.

How to buy crypto?

Trading crypto at Hapi is very easy! In Hapi app follow the next steps:

  • 1.

    Look for the 🔍 on the bottom menu of your app.

  • 2.

    Search for the cryptocurrency you want to trade, you can do it by the Ticker Symbol (ex: BTCUSD, DOGEUSD, ETHUSD) or by the Name (ex: Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum)

  • 3.

    Go through all the available information about the crypto

  • 4.

    Select the Buy button in the bottom

  • 5.

    Follow the instructions to finish placing your trade! 🚀

Anything that we can help with? Email us at we are here to help! 😁