Dividends: how they work and how to get them in Hapi

At Hapi your dividends are processed automatically. Cash dividends will be added as cash to your account.

Finding your dividends on the app is really simple.

How to find dividends on the app:

1. Tap on the wallet icon
2. Tap on "History"
3. Use the filter to choose dividend history

The dividends credited to your account have already been discounted by the mandatory 30% that is paid as taxes to the US.

To qualify to receive dividend payments from a company, you must have acquired shares before the cut-off date for the payment (ex-dividend date). You can still own or sell the shares after that date and still qualify for the payment of dividends.

You will not qualify for the payment of dividends if you buy shares on or after the cut-off date, or if you sell the shares before the cut-off date.

Keep in mind that dividends from international companies can take additional time to process and to be reflected in your account, usually 2 or 3 trading days after the official payment date.

Dividends are usually paid at the end of the trading day designated as the payday. Dividend payments for fractional shares will be made in proportion to the fraction of shares held, rounded to the nearest penny.

If you have any additional questions about dividends, email us to contacto@imhapi.app, we are here to help you!