Terms and conditions of the referral program

The cryptocurrency rewards from Hapi Crypto LLC are applicable to qualified clients of Hapi Crypto LLC ("Hapi") who refer a new client, and the client follows the conditions set in the program terms (minimum deposit of USD 10). The rewards will be randomly assigned from Hapi's cryptocurrency inventory for the program, after approval of the referred Hapi account and if claimed within the first 60 days on the platform. The cryptocurrency prize will be credited to the registered account for up to approximately two days after the prize is claimed, although this schedule may change at the discretion of Hapi Crypto LLC if, for example, it determines that there are indications of fraud, a violation of these T&C, it is a weekend or holiday. Hapi cannot provide information about other people's accounts or the status of their requests. Also, the rewards assigned cannot be withdrawn from the Hapi account within 120 days.

Hapi reserves the right not to award the prize in cryptocurrencies, or to recover any related product, if it determines that the client may have taken fraudulent actions or a breach of these Terms and Conditions (T&C) in relation to the referral program or their account in Hapi. Additionally, Hapi Crypto LLC reserves the right to make changes or cancel the terms of the program at any time without prior notice. The referral program applies to only one account per customer. The assigned prizes cannot be transferred to other people. Furthermore, the Hapi Crypto LLC referral program is designed to encourage users of the platform to share about it with other users who are genuinely interested in using Hapi as an investment platform, and to encourage referrals to start using the platform for investment purposes. Any attempt to exploit the program for other purposes and with the aim of obtaining prizes without the intention of using the platform to invest contravenes our policies and will not be allowed. Hapi also reserves the right to suspend or permanently block access to any account that is detected to be carrying out or had carried out activities that contravene these Terms and Conditions (T&C).

It should be noted that neither the receipt of a cryptocurrency through this program nor the mention of a particular asset in the communications of the program constitutes an investment recommendation. Hapi is not responsible for any taxes related to this value of the cryptocurrencies.