Safety of your money in Hapi - Your funds are protected

Your assets, stocks and money in Hapi are of your property. In compliance with the SEC's consumer protection rules, your securities (stocks, bonds and cash) are fully paid at the time the transactions are executed and are segregated from the broker's assets and/or securities. A legal requirement for broker-dealers in the US with which Hapi fully complies.

In the unlikely scenario of an insolvency event, your values ​​are segregated, independently stored from Hapi, and are not available for the claims of any creditor, therefore they are totally safe.

In addition, our operations are required to present reports and go through audits that guarantees that our activities are in full compliance with the rules imposed by the SEC and FINRA. At Hapi we take our commitments to safety and full compliance with regulations very seriously.

Finally, your investments in Hapi have SIPC insurance (Securities Investor Protection Corporation), which covers your assets for up to US $500,000 for securities in general, and up to US $250,000 in cash.

Do you have any additional questions about the security of your securities? You can write to us at, we are here to help you!