Fully Paid Lending Program in HAPI

Hapi uses Apex Clearing to run the Fully Paid Securities Lending Program. This program allows Apex to loan out whole shares from your account to other investors, like banks or market makers, who want to do short sales. These borrowers pay interest to Apex, and Hapi gets a share of that interest.

Why does Hapi participate in Securities Lending?

Hapi uses securities lending to make money to provide commission-free trading, instead of charging commisions for each trade.

How does participation in Securities Lending affect me?

You still own your shares, and you can sell them whenever you want. However, if your shares are loaned out, they may not be covered by SIPC protection while they are on loan, but Apex is required to post collateral to cover any losses.

What happens if Apex doesn't return my shares?

Apex holds collateral of at least 100% of the value of the loaned securities to hedge against default. In the unlikely event that they fail to return your shares, this collateral may be your only remedy.

Can I leave the program?

No, this is the way Hapi makes money, without this option you will need to close your account at Hapi.

Do I get a return for the lent stocks?

Not at the moment, but we will keep exploring options to see if a revenue share model is possible.

Still have questions about the Fully Paid Securities Lending Program? Write to us at contacto@imhapi.app, we can help!